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Black alpine salamander
( Salamandra atra )

Black alpine salamander - Black alpine salamander information - Black alpine salamander facts

The Black alpine salamander inhabits the region of the European Alps and other mountain regions between 800 m and 3000 m above the sea level. They prefer cool and humid places; however they are not depended on water. Their skin is moist with characteristic black and yellow stripes. His length is up to 15 cm and weights about 15 grams.
Salamandra atra is a nocturnal tailed amphibian and most of the day he spends in a shadow. He is sexually mature when reaching the age of 2 years. Salamander female lays eggs and then larval and adult stage follow. The Alpine salamander usually gives birth up to 4 young although much more eggs are fertilised.
The explanation is very simple: even small embryos feed themselves also with other developing eggs, which means they are cannibals already in the mother’s body, in uterus. After birth their diet consists of beetles, earthworms, spiders.

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