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Golden Arrow - poison frog
( Dendrobates auratus )

Golden Arrow - poison frog - Golden Arrow - poison frog information - Golden Arrow - poison frog facts

This poisonous amphibian is spread all around Central and South America. It is very agile with length of 4 cm and weights about 10 grams. It is highly coloured and its yellow-black or green-black bright colour combinations are also used as a warning to future predators.
After mating the female frog lays up to 6 eggs for which the males care and afterwards males carry tadpoles on their back because of the safety reasons. They live approximately 3 years.
They feed on tiny invertebrates and small insects. Dendrobates auratus generally inhabits tropical forests close to water resources.
As it has been already mentioned the Golden Arrow - poison frog is a highly toxic one. Its skin glands produce toxic substance when only 0.00001 g of this venom can kill a human.
In ancient times Indians had pierced these amphibians with a long, thin stick and heated them over a fire. Consequently small drops of the poison appeared on the skin’s surface and arrows were dipped into that. Such arrows were then used to paralyse hunted animals.

Golden Arrow - poison frog ( Dendrobates auratus )

Golden Arrow - poison frog ( Dendrobates auratus )

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