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Hairy frog
( Astylosternus robustus )

Hairy frog - Hairy frog information - Hairy frog facts

This amphibian is found in rivers and streams in western Africa (Cameroon). It is approximately 10 cm long and weights about 80 grams. It has got moist skin, strong and long limbs just appropriate for swimming in fast-flowing streams. Its colour may vary from brown to olive green with yellow spots.
It also has very powerful fingers and toes with claws in order to catch prey. These claws are also very useful for climbing on smooth surfaces as well as for defence. Despite its name, there is no hair at all on this frog. On both sides of the body there are hair-like filaments which are in fact vascular papillae that are most notable during the breeding season. They may have several functions including the respiratory one. However Astylosternus robustus uses lungs for breathing as well.
After mating, spawns and eggs are found in water while eggs are usually on the underside of stones. The Hairy frog lives up to 5 years. These frogs feed on small invertebrates including snails and small mammals using their strong limbs with sharp claws.

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