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Horned Toads
( e.g.: Phrynosoma douglasii )

Horned Toads - Horned Toads information - Horned Toads facts

These lizards are not toads in the true meaning of this word, however they look very similar. They are distributed in the western parts of the North America and Canada. Their bodies are flat, with the ability to inflate, have short tail and are up to 14 cm long with the weight of 30g.
As their name says they have got horns or spines, which are used as an effective defensive mechanism. They are grey or brown with dark spots all over their bodies. Moreover they have got a great ability to change colour of their skin in order to match their current environment.
Their diet consists mostly of insects, ants, worms etc. Generally they inhabit dry places such as deserts, sandy areas, but they could be found in fields as well. The process of reproduction varies a lot. Some species lay eggs whereas other ones give birth to live young.
In case of emergency they have perfect defensive mechanisms. Firstly, they are able to change their skin colour which makes them almost invisible to the predators, secondly can inflate themselves, jump and hiss. Then they can eject blood from their eyes, which makes them look very scary. Last but not least they can use their horns and spines to perforate predator’s guts when digested.

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