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Rain Frog
( Breviceps adspersus )

Rain Frog - Rain Frog information - Rain Frog facts

The rain frog is spread in southern parts of Africa. He is about 5.5 cm long and his weight is up to 5 grams. He has got spotty skin that is brown coloured with cream coloured spots and white dots.
Brevis adspersus spends most of his life on dry places including deserts, which is quite unusual for a frog. Most of the day he is hidden underground and sometimes can be seen above the ground, especially after the rain.
Although this amphibian is able to walk and run, he cannot hop which is also another exception among the frogs. He is even not able to swim which means he can be easily drowned in water. The only way how he can save himself from drowning is to inflate his body and float to the bank.
The female frog lays up to 40 eggs in the jelly. These eggs are laid in moist soil or sand and the frogís development takes place in here until the complete metamorphosis is done. The Rain frog gets his nutrition from insects, earthworms, termites and small spiders.

Rain Frog ( Breviceps adspersus )

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