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South African Sharp-nosed Frog
( Ptychadena oxyrhynchus )

South African Sharp-nosed Frog - South African Sharp-nosed Frog information - South African Sharp-nosed Frog facts

As its name already reveals, the South African sharp-nosed frog is mainly found in South Africa however it is also spread in the central parts of this continent. Males measure up to 5.5 cm and females up to 6.6 cm. Its weight ranges from 25 to 30 grams. Its moist skin has got yellowish-greenish colour with brown stripes along its body and nose is sharp-shaped.
Breeding cycle begins right after the start of the rainy season and occurs in still, slow-moving water or temporary pools. During mating the frogs have to be aware of an attack from a number of natural predators.
Life expectancy is probably around 5 years. Its diet is rather typical for a frog and consists of small invertebrates, spiders however mainly insects.
A special feature which makes this frog so special is its overwhelming jumping ability. Only in three jumps it is able to overcome almost 10 meters distance that is over 150 times its own body length! This is possible thank to the agile body and predominantly strong and long limbs and its aerodynamic-shaped body (note: sharp-shaped nose decreases the air resistance).

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