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Southern Toad
( Bufo terrestris )

Southern Toad - Southern Toad information - Southern Toad facts

The Southern toad is located from North Caroline to Florida and west to the Mississippi River. From the physical point of view it is a medium-sized toad with the length ranging from 40 to 90 mm, while females are generally larger.
As a typical characteristic of the family Bufonidae the skin is warty and spotted and parotid glands are present too. Dorsal coloration can vary from red to black. As usual, the ventral side is lighter. The Southern toad generally eats a variety of insects and invertebrates.
Breeding is usually located on ponds edges, woodland pools and dams. The eggs (up to 3000) are laid in long coils of jelly by a female toad.
Bufo terrestris is active mainly during the night. At daylight these amphibians are hiding in burrows. The chorus of the Southern toad is very loud and can be heard at a long distance away. The southern toad is found on fields, sandy areas and hammocks. It is supposed, that toads can climb.

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