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Surinam Toad
( Pipa pipa )

Surinam Toad - Surinam Toad information - Surinam Toad facts

The Surinam toad is found in Brazil and Guianas. He is about 20 cm long with the weight of between 100 – 160 g. He has got flat body and quite frightening dark brown or grey coloured rough skin. His front legs are extremely strong and enable him to eat the prey with his wide mouth. His eyes are very small, so it is considered that they are almost useless.
His breeding cycle is very fascinating. It starts with laying up to 60 eggs afterwards these eggs are placed in chambers on the female’s back, which involves pretty remarkable underwater acrobatic movements. The female’s back is used as an incubator, where the eggs change to tadpoles, followed by their metamorphosis.
Pipa Pipa is strictly aquatic and lives on bottom in slow-moving waters including ponds, lakes or even rivers. There he feeds himself with invertebrates, insects, larvae and worms. Although he does not have neither teeth nor tongue his wide mouth is so strong that he is able to eat even small fish.

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