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Tomato Frog
( Dyscophus antongilli )

Tomato Frog - Tomato Frog information - Tomato Frog facts

These endangered frogs have got a bright orange coloration, which is used as a protection against natural predators. This colour warning mechanism is also used by the Golden mantella. Dyscophus antongilli are sexually dimorphic and measure from 8-10 cm, while females are larger than males.
They occupy damp places such as swamps, pools, lakes, rivers, shallow water or even some lowlands in Madagascar. They get their nutrition from water, larvae, insects etc. generally during the night. The breeding process takes place mainly during cold months and their life expectancy is approximately 10 years.
Human-beings should be aware, that in danger frog’s skin secretes a toxic substance to which some people may be allergic. After touching this amphibian, hands should be washed very carefully.

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