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Atlantic Needlefish
( Strongylura marina )

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As the name reveals, The Atlantic Needlefish is found in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Its habitat ranges from the state of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico. It spends most of the time close to the water surface or in the shallow water from where it often jumps when following its prey.
Strongylura marina is a needle-shaped fish with slim and silver coloured skin. Its length is about 1.2 metres (4 feet). Its jaw is immensely strong and long full of razor-sharp teeth. After the birth their lower part of the jaw is longer than the upper one. But this changes soon after the birth. Its diet consists mostly of surface-living fishes, then invertebrates, crustaceans, squids etc. The breeding is similar to the flying fishes. They lay tiny, round-shaped eggs which are covered with long filaments. These filaments attach them to the water plants.
The Atlantic Needlefish is a true water predator. It is not unusual to see it jumping off the water when trying to catch a fast moving fish. Its strong and sharp jaw has already caused many injuries to divers and to swimmers as well. There are also some reports of needlefishes that were stabbing into the fisherman’s boat. When being caught it “flies” above the water surface in order to get rid of the hook. By these attempts it often hurts itself a lot.

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