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Bull Shark
( Carcharhinus leucas )

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The Bull shark is found in tropical as well as in sub-tropical seas especially along the shores all around the world. The body shape of this omnivorous animal is undoubtedly remarkable. And that is because Carcharhinus leucas is much wider in comparison to its length than any other sharks. Its wide snout makes this shark so unique.
It has got grey colour with bright stripes on the both sides of its extraordinary shaped body. The male sharks are over 7 feet long weighing about 95 kg while the female sharks are up to 12 feet long weighing 240 kg on average. The Bull shark eats fish including other sharks (preferably small Sandbar sharks), turtles, rays, birds, dolphins, molluscs, herrings and other water animals. Carcharhinus leucas reaches sexual maturity at the age of 10 years. Generally they breed during summer giving birth to the live young (as they are viviparous) approximately 1 year later. They are up to 30 inches long.
The Bull sharks are not migratory animals. In spite of that they have been found in the freshwater too. They are the only sharks, which are able to survive for a certain period of time in the freshwater. They also belong to the most commonly caught sharks in the world, mainly because of their meat and skin.

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