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Coho Salmon
( Oncorhynchus kisutch )

Coho Salmon - Coho Salmon information - Coho Salmon facts

Salmons are spread in the North America, Asia and other areas all around the world. They are found in fresh water during the first year of their lives and later on when spawning. After the first year they move to the ocean and grow rapidly because of the abundance of food.
They usually have silver colour which gets darker when spawning and males develop a red line on the sides and a hooked jaw. Their weight is from 6 to 12 pounds and they can be up to 37 inches long. In freshwater they eat insects, worms, small water animals and fish including salmons and trouts. Once they reach the ocean their diet mostly consists of other fish such as herrings etc. Approximately at the age of 3, sexually matured salmons swim to the natal place in the freshwater. Over there the female salmon digs a nest and lays her eggs. Consequently the male salmon fertilizes them and then they are buried. After 8 weeks, larvae hatch and stay in the freshwater for about a year. Then they move to the ocean and the whole cycle is repeated again.
Salmons together with trouts are mainly known for their delicious meat and can be cooked many ways. Fishing for them is a very favourite sport and an exciting experience as well.

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