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Cuiu Cuiu
( Pseudodoras Niger or Oxydoras Niger )

Cuiu Cuiu - Cuiu Cuiu information - Cuiu Cuiu facts

The Cuiu Cuiu fish is located in South America. It inhabits the Amazon, the Orinoco as well as the Parana River System. This fish prefers freshwater and large rivers with the temperature of 20 șC-27 șC, but its body can tolerate temperatures ranging from 19-30 șC. It has got dark colour ranging from jet black to dark brown. It is about 60 cm (24 inches) long. Its eyes are on the sides of its body and on the back half of its head.
Pseudodoras Niger is an insectivore however it gets its nutrition even from snails, seeds, fruits, crustaceans, pees, earthworms etc. depending on the place it lives. The Cuiu Cuiu takes part in an annual massive upstream migration which lasts approximately four months. It usually starts after spawning in June when water level is decreased. Unfortunately there is not any specific information about its reproduction cycle.
Pseudodoras Nigra is a very important fish on the market as many people eat it especially in Latin America. It is also a host to many parasitic nematodes therefore we have to be very careful when preparing it as a meal.

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