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Goblin Shark
( Mitsukurina Owstoni )

Goblin Shark - Goblin Shark information - Goblin Shark facts

The Goblin shark is a very old animal from the evolution point of view. It is spread in the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. Despite its wide distribution it is very rare to see this shark. Therefore there is only little information about this fish.
Its length is over 3.4 metres and its colour is light brown. Mitsukurina Owstoni has got rather flattened body, pretty long and a sharp snout and powerful jaws. Its eyes are very small however on the snout and in the jaw area there are plenty of other sensory organs. There is insufficient information about its diet. Biologists suppose it can feed on small fishes, shrimps and squids. The Goblin sharks lives in waters as deep as 555 m (1820 ft). It is supposed it gives birth to living young.

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