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Great Barracuda
( Sphyraena barracuda )

Great Barracuda - Great Barracuda information - Great Barracuda facts

Sphyraena barracuda can be found almost in all warm seas. It is also found in tropical areas of the Pacific as well as of the Atlantic Ocean. It prefers water temperature about 75 degrees of Fahrenheit but can be also found in colder waters. Its length usually does not exceed 2 metres and its weight is about 40 kg. Its agile silver coloured body has got 2 dorsal fins, large scales and large mouth with many exceptionally sharp teeth just suitable for biting. On its body there are several dark spots however there is no obvious difference between the male fish and the female one.
The Great Barracuda is piscivorous, which means it eats other fish for instance: sardines, silversides, mullets, gobies, herrings but also small lizards and dolphins. Barracuda’s reproduction still remains unclear, but we know that the spawning takes place in spring. Its fertilized eggs are left with no care at all. It is a solitary fish and can be found in groups only when younger.
The Barracuda might be a dangerous fish especially when provoked. Its sharp knife-like teeth have already caused a number of injuries to divers and swimmers. Barracuda’s meat can contain a poison so it is dangerous to eat it. It is also illegal to sell this fish. Nevertheless some people find its meat tasty.

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