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Great White Shark
( Carcharodon carcharias )

Great White Shark - Great White Shark information - Great White Shark facts

The Great white shark is a true sea predator. Its aerodynamic shaped body with half-moon shaped tail enable it to reach high speeds in a moment and on the other hand it is also able to migrate at a steady speed of 2 mph (3.2 km per hour) for many days. Its length is approximately 8 metres and the weight may be above 2 000 kg. It has got a perfect sense of smell (especially for blood). Its sharp and triangular teeth located in a powerful jaw can bite almost everything including a surfboard or even a small boat. Its colour is light grey with white underside.
This shark inhabits all tropical and warm seas. There it mostly finds food in the shallow waters. Its diet consists of all water animals such as seals, dolphins, small whales, sea lions, seals, sea otters, turtles, porpoises, squids but also small sharks and sea birds. There is insufficient information about its reproduction but it is supposed that the female shark gives birth to live young.
Carcharodon carcharias is a solitary animal and only rarely is found in pairs or small groups. There are several reports that it attacked surfers, divers or fishermen. Most of these reports are exaggerated. Generally the white sharks attack surfers because the silhouette of a surfer on a surfboard is similar to a water animal. However, after biting into the humanís body the sharks usually leave it.

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