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Horn Shark
( Heterodontus francisci )

Horn Shark - Horn Shark information - Horn Shark facts

The Horn shark can be found in the eastern Pacific, where it inhabits temperate and subtropical areas by the coast. Its length ranges from 100 to 120 cm with the weight of about 10 kg. It belongs to the smaller sharks. It has got brown coloured body with dark spots on it, small head and ridges above the eyes.
Heterodontus francisci feeds on fishes, invertebrates, molluscs, crustaceans etc. Although it belongs to the small size sharks it is not very agile and it is rather inactive. It waits for its prey generally during the night as it is a nocturnal animal and it is often found having a rest in between the rocks. The mating process usually occurs in December or in January. The male shark finds the female shark and inserts a clasper in her cloaca. Few weeks after copulation, which lasts less than an hour, the female shark lays her fertilised eggs. New young are born after approximately 8 months.
The Horn shark does not belong to endangered species. It is a very peaceful and no aggressive shark which will flee if a person or a big fish come closer. It is also very useful in research for carrying out experiments as it can survive in captivity for many years in comparison to other sharks.

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