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Percula Clownfish
( Amphiprion Percula )

Percula Clownfish - Percula Clownfish information - Percula Clownfish facts

The Clownfish is supposed to be on of the cutest fish in the world. It is approximately 6 cm (2.4 inches) long with a weight of only few grams. It has got a typical body shape with a vivid orange-white-black coloration.
It has got a bright orange-brown body with 3 irregular shaped white stripes. The first one is just behind its eyes whereas the last one is situated on the tail fin. It has got tiny black eyes. It is distributed in western and eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. Understandably these bright fishes can be also found in plenty of aquariums all around the world as well. The spawns can be found on clear corals or rocks. Before the birth both parents take care of the laid eggs.
Amphiprion percula has got a very useful and worth symbiosis with the sea anemone. This anemone obtains a huge number of stingy cells. These cells are located on the sea anemone’s tentacles. The cells contain a highly poisonous substance which may cause even death to some fishes. That means that a subtle touch/sting may be lethal for plenty of fishes. Most of the fishes’ skin obtains glutathione, which is the amino-acid in the fish’s skin, and this substance triggers the sea anemone’s cells. Fortunately the clownfish lacks this substance therefore they are immune to its stings. In case of emergency or an attack the clownfish hide inside the sea anemone, which protects them. Other fish which are vulnerable to its stings end up their lives as a sea anemone’s food.
On the other hand the sea anemone has also got a benefit from the clownfish. They eat food debris located on the anemone’s surface. This debris would be otherwise harmful to the sea anemone because of the bacteria. Besides debris the clownfish also feed on sea plankton.
Percula Clownfish ( Amphiprion Percula )

Percula Clownfish ( Amphiprion Percula )

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