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Red Piranha
( Serrasalmus nattereri )

Red Piranha - Red Piranha information - Red Piranha facts

The Red Piranha is approximately 40 cm (16 inches) long and may weigh up to 2 kg (4.5 lb). It is spread in the South America in Guianas and in the Amazon basin. There it inhabits lakes, lagoons and rivers.
It has a got silver red colour skin, a blunt head and a quite small mouth. However this mouth contains knife-sharp teeth which represent the highest threat of this carnivore fish. It feeds on any kind of meat it finds in the water. On the other hand there are also some Piranha species that feed on fruit and seeds only. The breeding usually occurs during the annual floods and the small young are guarded at the beginning of their lives.
Entering the water which contains Piranhas might not be very dangerous when the water level is high enough. However, during the dry season when the water level sinks, it results in extreme danger for swimmers. At this time piranhas create plenty of groups and attack enemy almost immediately. Firstly it was supposed that it is the blood which attracts piranhas. But several studies proved that the water splashing and noise trigger this lethal attack.

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