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The Triggerfishes can be found in tropical shallow waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Ocean. It is also found in temperate seas around rocks and reefs. It has got flat deep body with interlocking scales and rat-like sharp teeth. Eyes are moved independently. These fish are not very good swimmers and are considered to be laid-back fish (e.g.: The Gray Triggerfish (Balistes Capriscus) or The Reef Triggerfish (Rhineantus Aculeatus)). When resting these fish rest on their side. On the back there is a typical spiny dorsal fin. The first spine is long and very strong, the second one is smaller and the third one is even smaller.
Its diet consists of hard-shelled animals, invertebrates, algae (also found on the water bottom), worms, crustaceans, snails, eggs, corals, molluscs but also other fish too. Its reproduction is quite typical. The female fish lays eggs which are externally fertilised by the male fish. These eggs remain in nests built by the female parent and are cared for until they hatch.
The Triggerfish prefers water temperature ranging from 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a favourite aquarium fish. The Reef Triggerfish was voted for the official State Fish of Hawaii in the year 1984.

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