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Whale Shark
( Rhincodon typus )

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The Whale shark is distributed in all tropical seas worldwide. From time to time it was spotted close to the shore. It is about 12-20 metres (40-65 feet) long and weighs over 8 200 kg. In spite of its huge size it does not attack humans. It has got greyish colour with white colour underside. Its flattened head with small eyes and wide mouth create a scary look. Its skin is extremely thick and is also used as a protection. The thickness of its skin is even increased by huge ridges along its back.
The Whale shark is a useful indicator for the abundance of other fishes. Therefore many fishermen put nets in the area it stays in. Unfortunately because of its immense size and strength it can be also caught in these nets and destroy many of them in order to escape. Its diet consists of fish and plankton. It pumps the water inside its mouth and this is also the way how Rhincodon typus eats. There is not much known about its breeding and gestation time. The female shark gives birth to small young which are over 60 cm (24 in) long. Its life span is over 52 years.

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