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Kingdom Animalia; Phylum: Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Class: Insects (Insecta)

Insects together with arachnids belong to the oldest animals in the entire world. They are over 400 million years old from the evolutionary point of view. Insects can be found almost everywhere and often in huge numbers. On one hand they may annoy human beings but on the other hand they are very helpful in many ways for instance in removing dead animals, producing honey, etc.

Anatomy: An insect body is made of three main parts: a head, a thorax and an abdomen. The thorax/chest consists of three segments. There are three pairs of extremities on the ventral side and two pairs of wings on the dorsal side. The belly has got twelve segments and has no extremities. These animals have got complex eyes.
The Insect Class can be divided into two groups. On one hand there is insect which contain wings (Pterygota, majority) and on the other hand there is insect without any wings (Apterygota, such as: Collembola or Lepisma Saccharina).
Insacta Class can be divided into two other groups: Firstly, there is Hemimetabolia, which is the insect with an incomplete metamorphosis. The insect in this group undergoes several stages of life: a fertilised egg, a nymph and an imago (adult). The nymph and the imago usually live in the same water environment. Secondly, there is Holometabolia, insect with the complete metamorphosis. This insect undergoes following stages of life: a fertilised egg, a larva, a nympha and an adult animal. Larvae often inhabit different environment as adult insects do. This group includes butterflies, bugs, bees, hornets, flies etc…
Although insects can be sometimes dangerous and annoying to human beings in fact we cannot imagine our lives without it. Let’s face to sit down on the grass in the land and do not see any ants or hear any bees or spot any incredibly beautiful butterflies – it is even hard to imagine.

Listed insect:

Brown Skipper ( Paratrylone melane )
Cabbage White Butterfly / Large White ( Pieris brassicae )
Carpenter Bee ( Xylocopa violacea )
Cercopis sanguinolenta
Club-tailed Dragonfly ( Gomphus vulgatissimus )
Colorado Potato Beetle ( Leptinotarsa decemlineata )
Chrysomela fastuosa
Common Green Grasshopper ( Omocestus viridulus )
Common Red Soldier Beetle ( Rhagonycha fulva )
Dark Bush-cricket ( Pholidoptera griseoaptera )
Dor Beetle ( Geotrupes stercorarius )
European Earwig ( Forficula auricularia )
Field Cricket ( Gryllus campestris )
Fire Bug ( Pyrrhocoris apterus )
Forest Bug ( Pentatoma rufipes )
Green Bottle Fly ( Lucilia caesar )
Haltica oleracea
Honey Bee ( Apis mellifera )
Horse-fly ( Haematopota pluvialis )
Italian Cricket ( Oecanthus pullescens )
Map Butterfly ( Araschnia levana )
Paper Wasp ( Polistes gallicus )
Peacock Butterfly ( Inachis io )
Pearly Heath ( Coenonympha arcania )
Queen of Spain Fritillary ( Issoria lathonia )
Red-tailed Bumblebee ( Bombus lapidarius )
Roesel's Bush-cricket ( Metrioptera roeselii )
Rose Chafer ( Cetonia aurata )
Royal Goliath Beetle ( Goliathus regius )
Sevenspotted Lady Beetle ( Coccinella septempunctata )
Sharp-tailed Grasshopper ( Euchorthippus declivus )
Soldier Beetle ( Cantharis rustica )
Speckled Bush-cricket ( Leptophyes punctatissima )
Squash Bug ( Coreus marginatus )
Striped Shield Bug ( Graphosoma lineatum )
Two-spotted Lady Beetle ( Adalia bipunctata )
White-legged Damselfly ( Platycnemis pennipes )

Insect (Insecta)
Brown Skipper
Cabbage White Butterfly
Carpenter Bee
Cercopis sanguinolenta
Club-tailed Dragonfly
Colorado Potato Beetle
Chrysomela fastuosa
Common Green Grasshopper
Common Red Soldier Beetle
Dark Bush-cricket
Dor Beetle
European Earwig
Field Cricket
Fire Bug
Forest Bug
Green Bottle Fly
Haltica oleracea
Honey Bee
Italian Cricket
Map Butterfly
Paper Wasp
Peacock Butterfly
Pearly Heath
Queen of Spain Fritillary
Red-tailed Bumblebee
Roesel's Bush-cricket
Rose Chafer
Royal Goliath Beetle
Sevenspotted Lady Beetle
Sharp-tailed Grasshopper
Soldier Beetle
Speckled Bush-cricket
Squash Bug
Striped Shield Bug
Two-spotted Lady Beetle
White-legged Damselfly
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